Automotive Software Solutions Based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Bring Your Dealership to the Next Level

The decision to go for a new dealer management system is a big one. It is an investment in the future of your business, and you want to make sure that it will stand the test of time. Your objectives may include scalability for the growth of your business, ongoing development to support the ever-changing customer expectations, and new emerging technologies and solutions for sales, service, and other business areas of your dealership.

Microsoft-Based Dealer Management System

incadea.dms has Microsoft Dynamics NAV, formerly known as Navision, at its core. As such, our DMS inherits all the essential properties of this ERP software while accommodating the specific requirements of the automotive retail business.

Microsoft and incadea: A Strategic Partnership

The entire incadea solutions suite has been designed and developed based on the latest Microsoft technology. The long-standing relationship between incadea and Microsoft is part of the company's business strategy, bringing considerable experience, research and development, and ongoing investments.


Continuous Development and Innovation

By basing our DMS on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we not only provide quality consistent with other Microsoft products but also benefit from cutting-edge developments in the software industry.


Microsoft constantly upgrades its Windows operating system, SQL server, and other solutions, making them more and more secure. incadea Dealer Management Solution directly inherits these upgrades.

Connected Dealership

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform allows integrations to other Microsoft products and third-party applications. These allow you to forget spreadsheets, switching between different systems, and reentering data; instead, your team can spend its time in a more productive manner.

Intuitive and Familiar User Interface

With a graphical user interface similar to popular Microsoft Office applications, the new incadea.dms will be familiar for your team, and therefore easy to learn. Think reduced training effort and time and better acceptance and utilization among users.


Role-Tailored DMS Experience
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Brand-Specific Integrations
Dealer Management System Customized for Your Brands
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Dealer Management System
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