The open, flexible, lead management tool that complements your existing business process.

The open, flexible, lead management tool that complements your existing business process.

Built by car dealers, for car dealers

Lead Management is our highly configurable and easy to use software solution which enables you to manage your leads with improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Optimise your business performance and increase sales lead conversion, with an integrated lead management system that adapts to your dealership’s way of working.

Using our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the automotive industry Lead Management puts you in control of your entire sales process giving you complete visibility of every conversation, deal and outcome enabling you to intelligently manage your customer leads from first contact through to successful sales.

We are one of the UK market leaders in automotive lead management.

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What makes Lead Management great?

A simple and intuitive system that allows you to dictate exactly how your sales process runs

A fully configurable solution that you can tailor to suit the different areas of your business

Flexible open platform technology for integration with your existing systems, our range of services and third parties

Features at a glance

Fully customisable data input fields that you can tailor to suit the different areas of your busines

Dashboard showing key results with responsive components

Easy view configurable diary system

Seamless Integration with existing documentation


Seamless integration with your own documentation

Fully branded order forms, invoices and other sales documents can be easily completed online and printed as required.

Self-serve tools 

Make simple changes to the appearance of your system or add on additional tools at the touch of a button.


Dashboard showing key results with responsive components

Make better informed decisions by enabling your Sales Managers to see up to the minute metrics

Diary system

Ensures key priorities are easy to identify and act upon with an interactive permission based diary system which allows managers to view their team’s daily tasks and monitor progress.


Responsive customer contact database with configurable diary system

Manage your time and your customer relationships more effectively with complete visibility of every interaction.

Fully integrated deal builder with customer facing outputs

Give your customers extra confidence that they are getting the right deal for them.


Offer a seamless experience to the customer

Enable your sales team to have a meaningful conversation with the customer without ever leaving the showroom floor.

Maximize your sales team’s efficiency

Eliminate the time wasted on switching physical locations and have your team cooperate efficiently with instant data sync between the app and the DMS.

Gain control of the sales process

Easily capture all information the customer is sharing and synchronize data with the DMS on the spot. There is no reliance on memory or paper.

Drive growth by generating more sales

Take advantage of each touchpoint. Keep your sales team aware of upselling opportunities. Pick up conversations where they were left off.


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