The Role-Tailored DMS Experience

The Role-Tailored DMS Experience

When it comes to customer service nowadays, a few seconds can make all the difference in the big picture. If your dealership team is well organized and cooperates efficiently across departments, those valuable seconds will be spent on creating an exceptional experience for the customer.

The Role Center concept in incadea.dms is designed to help users focus on their tasks by tailoring their application experience to the needs of their role in the dealership. The Role Center creates a customized “work world” experience, integrating information from the DMS and other applications.

Team Success through Personal Efficiency

The user doesn’t have to search around for information or switch between applications. The role-tailored interface presents them with timely, actionable information, as defined by your business processes. The attention drawn to urgent customer-related work will help users focus on activities that increase sales or customer satisfaction and loyalty, driving your business’s growth.


Save time. Increase productivity

Each Role Center is optimized for the specific role, containing all the relevant information and guiding the user through the business process. No need to switch between applications thanks to calendar, messaging, and other integrations.

Collaborate efficiently

We have built Role Centers for twenty-two roles, aiming to cover all employees within a dealership to support information flow between different departments of your dealership.


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