Streamline Your Business with an Integrated Open Platform Dealer Management System

We are the next generation open-platform DMS

incadea understands the demands of the vehicle industry, helping automotive businesses to reach growth and profitability in today’s challenging market.

With 100,000+ incadea dms end users in 100 geographical markets, our solution is built on years of knowledge and first-hand experience. We have the tools to bring innovation to every element of your dealership, and as part of the Cox Automotive family, our knowledge spans the entire vehicle market. Our position gives us specialist insight into the connected vehicle market, with Cox Automotive’s expert group of brands powering our solutions.

incadea dms is an open-platform Dealer Management System designed to boost dealership performance, growth and profitability. Our fully integrated solution is powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which means a flexible user interface and cutting edge functionality.

Drive results in every area of your dealership



Improve decision-making, increase productivity and enhance the customer experience with Service, the area of incadea.dms dedicated to time management and customer service. Scheduling software allows you to track appointments, optimise booking systems to get the most out of your resources, and recapture declined service quotes in a centralised process.


Designed to improve your stock control and allow you to focus on the customer, our Parts service helps you stay on top of inventory. View inventory levels, sales performance and parts availability in real-time, and organise stock effectively in line with customer demand.


Our vehicle management module helps you streamline the vehicle process, and stay in control of the vehicle lifecycle from acquisition to sales. Boost cost effectiveness, drive growth and execute more efficient sales, with fast, accessible functionality, all in one place.


Manage all finance activities, perform key tasks easily, and view and manage your dealership’s financial position using the integrated Finance module within incadea.dms.


Gain control

Make informed decisions and resolve issues before they impact your bottom line by using real-time operational reporting.

Increase margins

Optimize your processes, reduce costs, and improve productivity. Focus on the activities with the most added value.

Amaze your customers

Create customer-centric, personalized experiences across the entire dealership.

Drive growth

Strengthen your brand, build long-lasting customer relationships, and stay on top of your game.


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